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March Newsletter from NALSWD

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Hello NALSWD Members,

The big news for NALSWD this month was the election of a new slate of officers to our governing Executive Board and the addition of several Junior Officer/Committee Chair positions. Thanks to everyone who ran or voted! We have a really talented group of students stepping up to lead this next year. They are:

*President: Beth Kolbe
*Co-Vice Presidents: Deepa Goraya & Nora Devine
*Membership Director: Patrick Dennis
International Recruiting: Marie Burgoyne
Social Outreach Chairs: Katie Tastrom & Krista Selanu
*Conference Director: Kate Carroll
Conference Advisor: Nora Devine
*Chief Financial Officer: Greg Oguss
Fundraising Chair: Jason Savageau
*Chief Information Co-Officers: Kevin Fitz & Alexander Thompson
Blog Editor: Kate Carroll
Access Technology Officer: Sasha Boronkay-Flynn

If you are interested in volunteering to help with any of these committees, please email and we will put you in touch with the appropriate officer. In particular, we need additional team members to work this summer and fall on organizing the 2012 NALSWD Conference (which will likely be on the East Coast). This next month will largely be about transition at NALSWD as new officers get trained. The 2010-2011 Board will continue in their positions until May (so we’re not quite out the door yet).

We are also excited to announce that NALSWD has  YouTube channel! The channel name is “nalswdvideo” ( Thanks to a generous donation from Lewis, Feinberg, Lee, Renaker & Jackson, P.C., all panels and speeches at the 2011 NALSWD Conference were recorded and are being uploaded to our channel. Currently, the keynote speech, opening remarks, and a panel on obtaining bar exam accommodations (relevant for all students, not just 3Ls!) are online. The rest of the panels will be posted shortly. Please subscribe to be notified as new material becomes available. We hope that students who were not able to attend the live event can still benefit from the vital information our many conference speakers provided!

Stay abreast of new developments at NALSWD by checking out our blog ( and Facebook group ( There are lots of exciting projects on the horizon as new energy and talent joins the board!

Very best wishes,

Anna Scholin, President
Beth Kolbe, Vice President
Michael Nunez, CFO
Greg Oguss, CIO
Deepa Goraya, Membership Director
Patrick Dennis & Nora Devine, Conference Co-Directors
(The 2010-2011 Executive Board)